Enjaz Al-Roaaya Consulting is going to offer varieties of services within the scope of the consulting industry.

Management Consultancy

Management consulting is often a first step that leads down extraordinary paths.

Industry leaders and disruptors managers come to us to help them solve their most critical challenges and make their most important decisions. That experience accelerates your career and opens the door to a world of opportunities at Enjaz Al-Roaaya Consultancy.

Starting your own business, Stepping into a leadership role at an established company, Or making a lasting impact at the institute you love. It all starts with helping our clients achieve results that redefine their industries.

Our work is transformative….

Financial Consultancy


The financial consulting services are the head of all the other services related to finance like banking, insurance, taxation, and zakah. This industry looks over all the other economic activities and tries to manage the risk that can be encountered within the financial and economic sector.

We at Enjaz Al-Roaaya offer a verities of Financial consultancy services with the objective of meeting the specific requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner. We are a team of highly experienced consultants, who work with the highest integrity to ensure best fitting financial services solutions for each assignment.

Training Consultancy

Leading Training Services Company

To stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced business world, your employees must perform at their best.  Enjaz Al-Roaaya delivers engaging and innovative corporate training programs that strategically align with your business goals.
Whether you are looking for instructional design services, custom eLearning development, or corporate trainers, as a top training consultant company – we at Enjaz Al-Roaaya have you covered

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