Life is no doubt about decisions, and only the great ones have the power to make them. Sail to the island of success and paddle quickly for it, and seek the help of good company to help you in goodness, strengthen you and strengthen your resolve.

Enjaz Al-Roaaya Office for Financial and Management Consulting is a licensed Saudi Arabian establishment that was born from the growing demand for the development of the financial and managerial processes and procedures; and human resources in the business sector. Besides, the establishment provides innovative and evolutionary visions and consulting services, it also helps improve the quality of output in the various types of companies at the international and regional levels.

Making it our goal to offer outstanding and efficient services, the teamwork at Enjaz Al-Roaaya- which consists of a group of determined and ambitious specialists, counselors, and professionals- has committed themselves to provie the most innovative and best solutions to our clients, so that we could meet the clients’ expectations in terms of workflow and saving time, money, and effort. Such teamwork of professionals works towards an ultimate goal which is to meet the KSA’s ambitious vision 2030. To achieve so, our teamwork strives to turn the serious challenges into much more practical and effective solutions by building our national institutions following the best standards and global systems; and promoting their efficiency, and increasing production.

Our motto:
• Reach for the stars


Major Views

We actively seek to achieve our vision of becoming the leading reference to consulting, and pioneer the concepts for financial and management consulting; and provide our clients with the specialist expertise and services of high standards in the region through productivity and competitiveness.



Our Aims

We aim at improving the efficiency and quality of our clients’ businesses; that’s by providing them with our innovative solutions and qualitative consulting services in terms of business development as well as financial and management consulting. Therefore, they will be able to make the difference between just being good and being great, and fulfill the goals of growth, development, and sustainability they are working towards with the best international systems and standards of quality.


Our Way of Success
  • Quality and accuracy
  • Commitment and Confidentiality
  • Experience and professionalism
  • Permanent development


  1. To offer financial and management consulting of a top-notch quality based on the best practices and new modern techniques to keep pace with the international standards.
  2. To upgrade and improve businesses and institutions by qualifying their personnel and optimizing their systems using a scientific and practical methodology.
  3. To form strategic partnerships with the private and public enterprises and individuals aiming at meeting the international quality standards of the services we offer.
  4. To carry out regular evaluation and continuous improvement for the services we offer and tools we use with the best quality standards and highest levels of professionalism that follow the latest trends of development.
  5. To contribute to supporting the national economy, and achieve the KSA’s vision 2030.