Our Product and Services

Enjaz Al-Roaaya offers a range of Financial and Management consultations and effective training in accordance with systems and professional standards, national and international policies and laws. The services are represented in the following area:

Management Consultancy

We work very carefully to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers. Our services and management consultancy, which result from our ability to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards while providing our high-quality services, are implemented and supervised by a skilled, expert and experienced team. Our services and management consultations are various as follows:

  1. Corporate Governance.
  2. Total Quality Management System Consultation.
  3. Integrated institutional building and strategic development.
  4. Corporate organizational development consulting and restructuring.
  5. Human resources Consulting and their systems development.
  6. Institutional building consultancy and capacity building.
  7. Consulting for institutional restructuring and re-engineering procedures.
  8. Strategy and Transformation Consulting.

Financial Consultancy

we provides a range of financial consulting services according to clients’ requirements and needs. We adhere to international standards, regulations and applicable laws in accordance with high quality and professional standards. We use modern knowledge, means and tools to provide our services accurately and professionally.

A range of services that we provide are as follows:

 1. Financial planning consultancy

  1. 2. Financial and economic feasibility studies.
  2. 3. Study and evaluation of the financial control system
  3. 4. Establishing an integrated accounting system that takes into account the development in tools and techniques.
  4. 5. Consulting related to investment, acquisition and merger.
  5. 6. Preparation of manuals, regulations and financial models compatible with accounting systems and standards.
  6. 7. Preparing financial regulations and procedures for the departments of institutions and companies.
  7. 8. Financial restructuring.
  8. 9. Risk management and actuarial studies.
  9. 10. Financial technology.
  10. 11. Corporate appraisal services
  11. Collective investment systems (investing investors’ money in various investment instruments)

Training Consultancy

Training is one of the most important means that helps institutions develop and improve their performance, increase their effectiveness, and keep them abreast of changes, challenges and technology.

Through a qualified professional staff, we are able to manage the training processes according to an accurate and effective practical and scientific methodology and to obtain the highest outputs through a set of hierarchical steps and stages based on experience, professionalism, evaluation and continuous development.

  • Preparing systems for identifying training needs according to a scientific and practical methodology.
  • Estimating training needs in an accurate and comprehensive manner.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Planning training compatible with the target group.
  • Designing the training content in a professional manner.
  • Preparing the training regulations and systems guaranteeing to obtain the highest training returns.
  • Evaluate and measure the impact of training.